On March 1st, QUIETUS released in the UK. Today, the contagion crossed the ocean and washed ashore in North America.

This book has been an intense journey. I've gone from being buried under research, to scribbling a draft during unpaid time in the company break room, to taking it the throes of editing and publication. I'm proud to be able to share it, and grateful for the help, support, and faith of the Angry Robot team.

Some of the release reviews have landed. From Kelly Anderson at Barnes & Nobles's Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog:

"Habidah is a refreshing heroine in a genre that often seems overfilled with one-note examples of “strong women.” Her intellectual curiosity and doggedness are her superpower, strong enough to make those behind a conspiracy consider her a danger, even when she’s only able to track down half the answers. She faces the constant self-doubt, yet never fails to follow through and asks the hard questions when her suspicions are raised—even when doing so is tantamount to a death sentence."

Gary Tognetti, The 1000 Year Plan:

"Intelligent and engaging from the start, carefully conceived as both an intimate character study and a grandly epic adventure. Like its wonderful cover it seems to emerge from the mist, bathed in warm light, while its scale is terrifyingly sublime."

There's more to come. I'll be doing a round of interviews, podcasts, and blog posts, and I'll be sure to collect them here.

You can find QUIETUS at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other retailers--and of course on Angry Robot's e-shop.