Announcement - TERMINUS


Over at the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi And Fantasy blog, you can find a reveal I've been sitting on for a while and am tremendously excited about--TERMINUS, the sequel to QUIETUS, will be coming out from Angry Robot Books on November 6 of this year!

The description spoils some of the end of QUIETUS. Fair warning!

Operatives from an alien culture struggle to survive in medieval Italy, in the SF sequel to the astonishing Quietus.

The transdimensional empire, the Unity, has dissolved. Its rulers and agents have been exiled, stranded across a thousand planes of existence. Empires don’t die gladly. The living planarship Ways and Means has ended the Black Death ravaging medieval Europe, but it has bigger plans for Earth. Someone is trying to kill former Unity agent Osia. Spy-turned-anthropologist Meloku becomes a target, too, when she catches the planarship hiding the extent of its meddling. While they fight to survive, Fiametta—Italian soldier, mercenary, and heretical preacher—raises an army and a religious revolt, aiming to split her world in half.

You can preorder it at Barnes & Noble and all of the usual suspects. And if you haven't read QUIETUS, you can do that right now!