Updates and Miscellany

Between day-to-day work, preparing for QUIETUS's impending release (two and a half weeks!), and digging into revisions for upcoming project, the past few weeks have kept me busy. I have plenty to share, though, and will have more soon.

Over at Goodreads, you can enter a giveaway to win a free copy of QUIETUS! 15 copies are headed out into the world, for free, and you can get a chance at one just by clicking a button.

I cannot PROMISE that Goodreads will prioritize entries made sooner rather than later, or confirm that that is even how the system works at all, but... you know... it never hurts to enter early.

If you will be at the Emerald City Comic Con, February 28-March 4th, come drop by the Angry Robot booth. You will be able to find me and several other Angry Robot authors there. I'll be attending the Thursday and Friday of the con, and will graciously and magnanimously accept any drinks you offer to buy me.

I will be flying to Seattle for the con. It has been years since I have last flown, but I'm sure things have only improved since then. The experience of air travel must have hit its nadir at some point. Right?