Announcement - QUIETUS

It is officially official -- Angry Robot Books, a fantastic UK SF/F/WTF press, will be publishing my debut science fiction novel QUIETUS in March, 2018!

That's not sunlight.

That's not sunlight.

The official summary from Angry Robot--

A transdimensional anthropologist can’t keep herself from interfering with Earth’s darkest period of history in this brilliant science fiction debut

Niccolucio, a young Florentine Carthusian monk, leads a devout life until the Black Death kills all of his brothers, leaving him alone and filled with doubt. Habidah, an anthropologist from another universe racked by plague, is overwhelmed by the suffering. Unable to maintain her observer neutrality, she saves Niccolucio from the brink of death.

Habidah discovers that neither her home’s plague nor her assignment on Niccolucio’s world are as she’s been led to believe. Suddenly the pair are drawn into a worlds-spanning conspiracy to topple an empire larger than the human imagination can contain.

Come see the full cover reveal (art by the amazing Dominic Harman), a teaser, and some other words at Barnes and Nobles's Science Fiction blog! An excerpt below, and more at the link: 

I’ve always been a very tactile person. My teachers used to scold me for running my hands along everything from waiting-line ropes to dirty walls to buses in parking lots. I love the produce department of grocery stores, one of the last places it’s socially acceptable to touch and squeeze everything.

When I read, and especially when I read history, I’m that child again. I want to reach in and grab it like it’s a snake, to run my hand up and down its scales. I don’t care if it bites. If it bit the people living in those times, those places, then I want to know it.

Science fiction and fantasy let me touch history.

My debut science fiction novel Quietus is full of the kind of history you can reach out and touch. It’s the shriveled, blackened toes poking through the snow. It’s the half-feral pigs staring balefully from medieval alleys. It’s the blood pooled beside the barber’s door. In Quietus, a team of extradimensional anthropologists visits a past recognizably our own as it’s wracked by the Black Death. They’re going to find out that history can only be understood through its sufferings, and that they’re going to get much closer to those sufferings than they realized.

But there’s a lot more to history than feel. Touching something is dangerous. You won’t be bitten by just the alley pigs. There’s a risk of infection, of cross-contamination. You don’t really want to touch those toes in the snow. You don’t know where they’ve been.

More importantly, they don’t know where you’ve been...