My Projects, and Where They Are

I'll be using this space to write about and develop my projects, I should start with the current state of the novels on my lap:

The Animar of Storms - Historical fantasy.  Revisions completed.  I am seeking sensitivity readers.

An itinerant merchant's daughter is murdered during the Mongol invasions of China, and reborn with the ability to manipulate the storms. No peasant was ever meant to have so much power, and spirits throughout the world quickly move to manipulate her for their own ends.  But she has strengths even she never knew she could count on.

Quietus - Historical science fiction.  My current project, and undergoing review and revision.  Stay tuned!  I'll have a lot more to say about this one as I work on it.

Quietus is set in Europe during the Black Death, and follows a Florentine Carthusian monk who loses all of his brothers, a group of transdimensional anthropologists coping with a mass death event of their own, and a worlds-spanning conspiracy in an empire larger than the human imagination can contain.

Galloway's Children - Science fiction.  I recently returned to this project and ran it through another round of revisions. Galloway's Children started as an outgrowth of my Master's Thesis, and I'm just as enthusiastic about it as I was then. I may sample chapters on this site soon.

Galloway's Children is an old-school planetary romance featuring a queer protagonist, old scientists with messed-up social theories, and space warfare.  Thirty-some children are all but left alone in the howling expanses of an empty planet.

The Embers and the Ashes - Fantasy.  Beta title, and midway through drafting.  Currently on hold, but not forgotten.

A group of drug smugglers would rather do anything but get involved in a rising against their imperial lords, but the depravity of the counterrevolution forces their hand.  Impossible odds, intense fighting, and a once-in-a-lifetime magical storm that can boil oceans come crashing down upon them.

Title TBA - Historical science fiction.  Outlined and up next for drafting.

A mercenary company led by a warrior prophetess sweeps across Europe, battering cities and kingdoms into submission, and starting a religious movement that realigns history.  When the prophetess discovers that she's being manipulated by a power beyond Earth's ken, she also realizes that she's the only one who can stop it.